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About Us


Evolution Sports Imports Pty Ltd (ESI) was established in 2003 and in 2008 became the official and exclusive distributor for SELECT in Australia.

ESI through its distribution of the SELECT brand has rapidly earned a name for itself as a provider of quality Soccer Balls, Futsal Balls, Hand Balls, Team Wear, Compression, gloves equipment and Medical Supports throughout Australia.

The Australian branch of this internationally renowned European company SELECT support many RETAILS, ASSOCIATIONS CLUBS, SCHOOLS, COACHES, DEVELOPMENT programs on a state and national level, to provide them with the best quality football products available. This has led SELECT to have a strong relationship with national sporting bodies such as Football West, FOOTBALL NSW. We endeavour to provide football clubs, players and retailers across Australia with an innovative, affordable and attractive product.

SELECT Sport is one of the world's leading manufacturers of hand-sewn balls and produces approx. 2 million balls a year. SELECT Sport is recognized as an innovator in quality balls and is represented by its own sales network or distributors in large parts of the world. Select export to a total of more than 50 countries. www.select-sport.com

 The company’s range now comprises literally everything within equipment for particularly football, futsal and handball, including sports supports, sports care, goalkeeper gloves, training equipment and clothing.

SELECT’s hand-stitched footballs and handballs retain their perfect balance, touch, bounce and flight for thousands of hours, even with severe pitch and weather conditions. It’s not easy to achieve this level of quality. For about 70 years SELECT has only used the best leather and (later on) the best synthetic materials for their hand-stitched balls. We also offer the most comprehensive quality warranties in the industry. To ensure that all SELECT balls live up to our quality requirements, they are thoroughly inspected at our production site in Pakistan and we carry out another inspection in Denmark on our top balls. We inspect the stitching, surface, sphericity, circumference, weight, airtightness and printing inks before we deliver our products. We even pump up the bladders we produce to ensure the perfect balance. Our quality standards are the highest in the industry, even higher than those of FIFA when it comes to the best match balls. SELECT guarantees the quality of our balls. We offer the best warranties in the industry. A 3-year warranty for stitching and shape for our Pro Series balls and a 2-year warranty for our Club Series balls.

At SELECT we live and breathe soccer, understand your needs and share your desires of glory. Our Philosophy is to offer players at every level the most technologically advanced and most comfortable products possible.

 SELECT FOOTBALL (Evolution Sports Imports)

 Enjoy your game and be the best you can be.

 Contact us: 1300 554 336

Email: sales@selectfootball.com.au